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Direct Marketing

An effective marketing tool


Our Direct Marketing and Communication service line acts as an extension of your business. NatanConsult provides the required marketing support to both, private and public players. As in every other service line, we strive to bring affordable marketing solutions that suits our client’s budget. We determine together with our client the marketing strategy that should be followed taking into account the goals and the resources of our clients.

Here under you will find additional information about the provided marketing services. However, every client is different and requires a tailor made approach. Therefore, the exact scope of the required marketing services will be determined in consultation with our client and can be further enlarged.




Telemarketing is more than just dry cold calling. It involves human interaction resulting in direct contact with your potentials client. Telemarketing has proven to be a very effective support tool when used in a right way.

NatanConsult provides telemarketing services that help reach the decision makers

in your target industries in an effective and efficient manner, to promote your products, services or events.


In addition to telemarketing, we believe that e-mail campaigns have several undisputed advantages compared to other marketing channels. They are cost-efficient and provide clear measurable results.



NatanConsult develops B2B mail campaigns for your company’s products, services or events.




We apply the following methodology as a basis to create a successful marketing campaign that can be further alternated in line with our client’s needs.

  • Goals: what are your needs and goals?
  • Prospects: who are your targets?
  • Strategy: what approach should we take?
  • Execution: implementation of the chosen strategy
  • Results: how should we measure the performed marketing campaign?

Since 2011, we try to stand out in the market with our efficient, pragmatic and result oriented approach.We have experience working in various different sectors and industries including those in the public and private sector.


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