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Data Management

Driven by data because data matters.


Obtaining good results starts with having accurate data. Quality of data powers lead generation. But when working in the field, you will notice that data ‘lives’ and constantly changes. Data becomes outdated after certain period of time and in order to keep your data up-to-date one needs to invest significant resources.

@ NatanConsult we are able to create and manage your database in an efficient and result driven way:

  1. We create a tailor made database from scratch in line with your requirements and goals. This database will contain all the information that is required to perform your activities. Based on our experience and your know-how, we determine together what the key elements are for an optimal database for your company.
  2. We update and improve an existing database by optimizing key information as specified by you (i.e. names, email addresses, telephone numbers, job titles and contact details of decision-makers) and adding additional specific fields to your database (e.g. financial information, number of employees, etc.) that will help your business achieve its goals.

Our data management service is intended for all organizations (i.e. sales departments of commercial companies, HR-companies, market research companies, companies active in international trade, non-profit organization, etc.) that work with constantly changing data.

The success of all marketing campaigns depends on the quality of your database. A qualitative database will enable you to get the best results of your investment.

Our data driven approach complemented with telephonic profiling will guarantee a continuous quality of information allowing you to stay ahead of the race.

We invite you to contact us for further in depth information regarding our data management services.

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